Just the thought of these buzzing, biting pests is enough to end the most well-planned outdoor events. Mosquitoes are responsible for carrying and transmitting many dangerous diseases, such as West Nile virus, EEE and now the Zika, so protecting your family and pets is more important than ever. If you’re interested in learning more about these pests and measures you can take to help prevent them, take a peek through the articles below.

  • mosquito-bites-and-repellents

Mosquito Bites And Repellents

September 22nd, 2019|

Mosquito-borne viruses have been around as long as mosquitoes themselves, but through aggressive mosquito abatement, the availability of medical services, and other strategic measures, the United States has managed to avoid the catastrophic effects that mosquito-borne [...]

  • Mosquito Dangers Have Changed

Mosquito Dangers Have Changed

September 22nd, 2019|

Do you remember ever worrying about mosquito diseases when you were a kid? Couldn't you get bitten hundreds of times and never get sick? Yes. But that isn't because mosquitoes didn't spread dangerous viruses when [...]

  • What Is The Zika Virus?

What Is The Zika Virus?

September 22nd, 2019|

Zika Virus Information With the increasing concern over the domestic spread of Zika in the US, we have been getting many questions regarding the virus and what impact it may have on our area. At [...]

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

September 22nd, 2019|

The answer to this question isn't as cut and dry as you may think. First of all, mosquitoes themselves aren't dangerous. They have no fangs. They have no claws. They have no poisonous venom. Not [...]

  • Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquito Prevention Tips

September 22nd, 2019|

Do You Now That The Most Dangerous Creature On The Planet Can Be Killed With A Rolled Up Newspaper? It's true. Of all the creatures on the planet, mosquitoes are the deadliest. They are directly connected to [...]

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