Frequently Asked Questions


Mosquito Killers is dedicated to providing platinum protection against mosquitos and other unwanted insects. Serving residential and commercial clients in the San Antonio areas, we’ve taken the time to assemble the answers to some of our frequently asked questions regarding our mosquito control methods and misting systems. Should you have a specific question not addressed here, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We’ll do our best to answer you as promptly as possible.

What is a mosquito control system?2019-09-24T11:01:52-05:00

Our mosquito control system is comprised of a 55-gallon drum, pump, motor, and pressure gauge that we connect to a network of spray nozzles installed strategically around your residential or commercial property. Using an automated timer to release a liquid insecticide solution that kills and repels mosquitos and other annoying insects, our system is hassle-free, simple to operate, and requires very little intervention from the owner. We’ll program the automatic timer and show you how to operate it on installation day. When the timer goes off, the system releases a brief, fine mist through the installed spray nozzles. That mist is all you need to control biting insects!

What types of insects does your system control?2019-09-24T11:02:38-05:00

Our misting systems repel and kill mosquitos, no-see-ums, flies, fleas, gnats, ticks, wasps, and other types of biting, buzzing insects. They also repel spiders and their unsightly, hard-to-reach webs. Our automatic insect control systems and insecticides have been used in San Antonio to repel and kill annoying insects

How much does the system cost?2019-09-24T11:03:29-05:00

The installed cost of a MistAway System from Mosquito Killers  is based on the specific design of your home and the areas you wish to protect. Each home is customized to you your needs so cost varies upon the design. Your Mosquito Killers representative will work with you to design an effective yet cost effective system for your home.

How often will I need to refill my system’s tank?2019-09-24T11:04:19-05:00

Technically, you won’t ever have to worry about this because we do it for you! The frequency at which we’ll need to refill your tank will vary for each installation/client. Usage is determined by the number of nozzles, as well as the number and duration of firing cycles used within a 24-hour period. Once we custom-design your mosquito misting system, we’ll be able to determine the best routine maintenance schedule.

How do I use the remote control?2019-09-24T11:05:06-05:00

Whenever you feel an additional treatment is necessary, use the remote control from anywhere in your home to manually activate the system. Use this function before parties or outdoor dinning.

How automatic is the system and when will it spray?2019-09-24T11:05:34-05:00

The system is totally automatic. Our technicians will set the time initially to activate three times a day for thirty-second intervals at sunrise, sunset and two hours after sunset to control your insect problem. As seasons change, you may increase the number of spray settings as needed for effective insect control.

Why do you offer on-site consultations – can’t we just talk on the phone?2019-09-24T11:06:08-05:00

By visiting you for your consultation, we’re able to answer all of these questions to give you the best professional recommendations for your insect control needs. Sometimes a misting system is an ideal solution for your problem, and sometimes it’s not. There are a number of ways to approach any problem, and we prefer being hands-on to determine the best solutions for our clients. If you don’t have time to meet with us, we can evaluate the site ourselves and then review our findings with you by phone or email.

How safe is pyrethrum?2019-09-24T11:06:32-05:00

Pyrethrum is a biodegradable, water based concentrate derived from chrysanthemum flowers. The solution is EPA registered and has been approved for food processing plants, restaurants and sensitive applications such as the post harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables. Pyrethrum decomposes harmlessly leaving no oily residue like other chemicals or synthetic compounds that can be dangerous to humans and pets.

Will pyrethrum harm my pets?2019-09-24T11:06:57-05:00

Pyrethrum is considered nontoxic to mammals when used in accordance with the label instructions. Pyrethrum has been used in agricultural and equine applications for a quarter of a century with no known harmful effects. Commonly Pyrethrum is a component on many flea dip applications. A word of caution, pyrethrum may be toxic to some species of fish. As with anything common sense plays a factor. Do not place food or water bowls directly under a spray nozzle.

Getting Your New Mosquito Misting System Installed

When it comes to keeping mosquitos and other common insects away, there’s nothing more powerful than a misting system from Mosquito Killers. Leveraging a powerful and automated system to keep a perimeter around your property 24/7, our unique and potent designs provide you with a virtual barrier outside your home that keeps mosquitos at bay. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round without worrying about bites or worse yet, insect-borne diseases.

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